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Process for making Cypheroccut objects


Generating the random 24 word seed phrase


  • A random number generator application with parameters set from 1-2048 was used to generated 5 unique lists of numbers, each set containing 24 numbers between 1-2048.

  • A random number was picked by the artist, and added or subtracted it from the randomly generated number. This is to add a human component to the “randomness” as well as bring the number set into a purely analogue space with no digital referent. 

  • Corresponded the number sets to the BIP-39 list of words on Github producing 5 unique sets of 24 BIP-39 words.


Production of physical works


  • Tags were created using a DYMO metal tape embossing system kit on stainless steel tape

  • Each list of 24 words were embossed in order from 1-24 from left to right across the stainless steel tape, one list on each tape for a total of 5 embossed stainless steel tapes  

  • All of the tapes were then rolled and secured with adhesive tape to measure approximately 1.5in in diameter

  • Each tape was placed at the bottom of a container and encapsulated in platinum tin cure silicone to protect from water damage and oxidative corrosion

  • Each silicone puck containing 1 of each of the 5 unique lists embossed onto stainless steel tape was then placed in a 9x11x1.5’’’ curing block of concrete




  • NFT encoded microchips were also added to each of the 5 works to authenticate the physical objects on a blockchain

  • A notarized legal document is created to describe process and declare witness

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