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Stephen Benedicto (1990, Washington, DC).  Benedicto has shown with Hemphill, Washington DC. Benedicto received his BA in Applied Aesthetics at George Mason University. 


Before becoming a studio artist, Benedicto competed and performed in gymnastics, receiving third place at the 2011 United States Tumbling and Trampoline Association National Championships. In 2007-08, he trained in Circus Arts at the École Nationale De Cirque in Montreal, Canada, before auditioning and joining Cirque du Soleil’s talent pool. Benedicto did not proceed due to an onset of chronic health conditions. From this recovery, he developed an artistic practice. 


cyperhocult is a collection of works from 2021, developed from Benedicto’s research in trans-human and post-human thinking. Stephen Benedicto is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Washington DC. 

Artist Statement

Stephen Benedicto assesses the fetish as a symbol of indefinite desire. He's interested in post-human existence as a means of extending satisfaction and disorienting the masculine application of contemporary digital tools that fetishize utility. Benedicto’s experience with illness and disability inspired him to create objects that act as systems perpetuating process; desire. These works are made of obtrusive materials that aid humans despite environmental tarnish. Benedicto magnetizes these familiar though alluring materials with mathematical and technological forms. Through the aid of devices and programs, one can surpass human limitations on desire. Benedicto envisions and models this desire in his work.



George Mason University 
Bachelor of Arts in Principals of Aesthetics with a minor in Consciousness and Transformation, May 2014

Solo Exhibition of "Cypheroccult" at Homme DC, 2021 

Solo Exhibition Art 21 at Coldwell Banker, September 2019
Lilliana Gomez + Stephen Benedicto, Art Basel Miami Satellite event, Dec 2018

Solo Exhibition of “Willing Resistance” at Redeem, 2018
Solo Exhibition at the Optical Society, DC, 2017
Solo Exhibition at SOMMwhere, NYC September 6th, 2017
Solo Exhibition at Fathom Creative, DC March 30, 2017
Private Solo Exhibition at Artist’s Proof, DC March 22nd, 2017
Solo Exhibition of “120 52 2015” February 25th, 2016
Exhibition of “918” at Prequel March 2015
Solo Exhibition at Fathom Creative June 2014


Hickok Cole Art Night, October 2019
STABLE Group Exhibition, October 18th, 2019
Group Exhibition at Hemphill Gallery, DC 2018
Hickok Cole Art Night, October 2018
Group Exhibition in Dupont Underground, DC September 16th, 2017

Group Exhibition at L2 lounge Georgetown, DC 2017
Group Exhibition at Pepco Gallery DC “Emulsion” March 3rd - 16th, 2017

Mid City Artist Exhibitions and Open Studios 2016 to date
Group Exhibition at Fathom Creative December 2014
Group Exhibition at George Mason University May 2014
Group Exhibition at George Mason University School of Art 2013
Group Exhibition at George Mason University School of Art 2012

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